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Nevada Cities Seek Rate Hike for Provision of Public Records

Nevada Cities Seek Rate Hike for Provision of Public Records

BY ELIZABETH THOMPSON The Nevada League of Cities and Municipalities is in league with the devil. Or at least with his accountant. The membership and lobbying group that calls itself “Nevada’s primary champion of municipal government” is behind a measure that would enable government entities to charge up to 25 cents per page for public


A Conversation with Governor Sandoval

Territorial Enterprise editor Elizabeth Thompson recently sat down with Governor Sandoval to talk about his love of history, his life growing up, and the people and events that influenced him most on the road to the Governor’s mansion. This is an edited transcript. Thompson: It’s been written many times that you’re a history buff. When


Nevada’s Current Public Records Law

BY ELIZABETH THOMPSON Nevada’s open records law says it exists in order “to foster democratic principles” and “must be construed liberally” and that “any exemption, exception or balancing of interests which limits or restricts access…must be construed narrowly.” The law applies to “all public books and public records of a government entity, the contents of


Then and Now: Virginia City

BY CLAY MITCHELL, photos by MARILYN NEWTON In 1850, gold was reported near a station along the Carson River in what today is Dayton, Nevada. Mormon pioneers on their way to California had found a little “color” in their pans but continued on to California, believing tales of unimaginable riches further west. A small mining camp soon

Capitol dome

Nevada Should Look to Laxalt, Reagan Legacies

BY JIM HARTMAN In his February State of the State speech, Governor Brian Sandoval unveiled an ambitious and historic $7.3 general fund biennial budget. Nevada’s chief executive called for significant new funding for Nevada’s education system, asking the Legislature to pass a tax package that would include $560 million in new revenue as well as