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Did you know? County Factoids

Humboldt County was designated as a county in 1856 by the Utah Territorial Legislature and again in 1861 by the new Nevada Legislature. Lyon County is Nevada’s third most populous county. It was one of the nine original counties created in 1861 and was named after Nathaniel Lyon, the first Union General to be killed in the Civil War.


VIRGINIA CITY, Nev. – While Virginia City remains true blue to its 1850s heritage, visitors can now connect with the past via free Wi-Fi. The new “VC Visitor” access provides free 24-hour access with a simple email login for visitors in the business district. A sweet deal from a local company made it possible to visit


By Jack Harpster As a seventeen-year-old living in the bucolic Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts, Duane Leroy Bliss had been bitten by the gold bug. It was 1850, and two prior stints as a cabin boy on a sailing ship to South America had roused an adventurous spirit in the young man. When news of


Letter to the Editor: Washoe Canary

April 9, 1865 Dear Editor, The Virginia City Chapter of the Comstock Audubon Society hereby announces it’s annual pursuit and solemnization. This year, as in all past annums, the objective of our dogmatic efforts is the elusive Washoe Canary. A rare warbler and crony to that other local rarity, the lone miner, has been spotted near


Mark Twain as a Gold-Digger

How the Celebrated Humorist Came to Write “The Jumping Frog” [excerpt from The Sunday Herald, Washington, D.C., April 26, 1885] The portion of the pocket-miner among the other inhabitants of a mining region very much resembles that of the bee-hunter among the people of the frontier settlements in agricultural regions. The business he follows also


Letter from the Editor: April 2015

The days since our March 12 launch have been happy, hectic and sometimes harried as we’ve endeavored to answer inquiries, thank the dozens of Twain enthusiasts from around the country who wrote to tell us “Good luck!”, set up more distribution drops, keep up with subscriptions, sift through content submissions, and put together our April


Nevada’s Current Public Records Law

BY ELIZABETH THOMPSON Nevada’s open records law says it exists in order “to foster democratic principles” and “must be construed liberally” and that “any exemption, exception or balancing of interests which limits or restricts access…must be construed narrowly.” The law applies to “all public books and public records of a government entity, the contents of


From the Editor

Reaching a daily circulation of more than 15,000 copies at its peak in the 1860s, the Territorial Enterprise (TE) was once the largest newspaper west of the Mississippi. Even as the mining boom died down and the local population dwindled, the Enterprise trudged on, changing hands several times. The original ceased publication in 1893, with


From the Publisher

I could not be more excited to be publishing the resurrected Territorial Enterprise. As publisher of The Missouri Times, our team has developed a passion for sharing information about politics and public policy process with our readers. Expanding our company in the form of resurrecting the Territorial Enterprise in Nevada is a great next step