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Q&A with Assemblyman Derek Armstrong

Q&A with Assemblyman Derek Armstrong

For conservative Republicans, Governor Sandoval’s call for $438 million in new taxes a year was unthinkable – and an idea unmatched since 2003, the year Nevada implemented a payroll tax on businesses. Sandoval had the backing of moderate Republicans in the Assembly and Senate leadership in both parties on the basis that new revenue would


Q&A with Assemblyman Paul Anderson

Featured on this issue’s cover along with fellow Republican Derek Armstrong , Majority Leader Paul Anderson spent the 2015 Legislative session trying to build bridges and put out fires in an often-divided caucus. In the end, he was a key player in getting Governor Sandoval’s revenue and reform deal across the finish line. Anderson has

Marilyn Kirkpatrick

Marilyn’s Last Session

Mother of four, ​food ​sales executive and self-made policy wonk Marilyn Kirkpatrick ​talks about the legislature, her family, and what she hopes to leave behind In early April, TE editor Elizabeth Thompson sat down for an interview with Democrat Marilyn Kirkpatrick, former Speaker and current Assembly Minority Leader of the Nevada Legislature, in her home