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Q&A with Assemblyman Derek Armstrong

Q&A with Assemblyman Derek Armstrong

For conservative Republicans, Governor Sandoval’s call for $438 million in new taxes a year was unthinkable – and an idea unmatched since 2003, the year Nevada implemented a payroll tax on businesses. Sandoval had the backing of moderate Republicans in the Assembly and Senate leadership in both parties on the basis that new revenue would


Q&A with Assemblyman Paul Anderson

Featured on this issue’s cover along with fellow Republican Derek Armstrong , Majority Leader Paul Anderson spent the 2015 Legislative session trying to build bridges and put out fires in an often-divided caucus. In the end, he was a key player in getting Governor Sandoval’s revenue and reform deal across the finish line. Anderson has

Nevada Sen. Patricia Farley, R-Las Vegas, talks about the session in her office at the Legislative Building in Carson City, Nev., on Tuesday, June 2, 2015. Her daughter Brooke, 9, is behind her. 
Photo by Cathleen Allison/Nevada Photo Source

5 Things with Senator Patricia Farley

Territorial Enterprise editor Elizabeth Thompson chatted with Senator Farley the morning after the 2015 Legislature adjourned. Here are five things Farley said about her service. PROFILE R-Las Vegas Elected November 2014 Committee Service Senate Commerce, Labor and Energy (Vice Chair) Senate Legislative Operations and Elections (Chair) Senate Transportation (Member) Education University of Arizona, B.S. in


Nevada joins suit challenging federal waters rule

CARSON CITY, NV – Governor Brian Sandoval has authorized Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt to join a lawsuit challenging a new federal rule that significantly expands the scope of waters subject to pollution controls under the Clean Water Act. Sandoval released a strongly worded statement in late June after the United States Environmental Protection Agency


Primary Concerns

By Jim Hartman The Legislature adjourned on the evening of June 1 after failing to act on a GOP-backed presidential primary bill (SB 421), thereby exasperating Republicans from Winnemucca to Washington, D.C. The worthy measure had the support of Republican National Chair Reince Priebus, Governor Brian Sandoval, and several 2016 presidential hopefuls. Its failure may



By Samantha Stone What’s a NAICS Code? Before July 1, you’d have been forgiven for not knowing the arcane acronym for North American Industry Classification System, a set of codes describing categories of business activity. Each registered Nevada business has a NAICS Code assigned by the state agency that tallies labor statistics. Business operators have

Marilyn Kirkpatrick

Marilyn’s Last Session

Mother of four, ​food ​sales executive and self-made policy wonk Marilyn Kirkpatrick ​talks about the legislature, her family, and what she hopes to leave behind In early April, TE editor Elizabeth Thompson sat down for an interview with Democrat Marilyn Kirkpatrick, former Speaker and current Assembly Minority Leader of the Nevada Legislature, in her home


My Three Cents on Prevailing Wage Law

By Jim Hartman Prevailing wage law in Nevada was recently highlighted in the acrimonious debate and clear partisan divide over SB 119, a bill that excludes construction projects for school districts, charter schools, and the Nevada System of Higher Education from Nevada’s prevailing wage requirements. Sponsored by Republican Senators Becky Harris and Ben Kieckhefer, the


Virginia City Saloon Owner Carries On Mother’s Legacy

By Teri Vance John Schafer’s mother had a little sign that read, “Bloom where you’re planted.” And in the dim lighting and swirling smoke of the Mark Twain Saloon in Virginia City, he has blossomed. On a recent morning, a customer walked in and greeted John by gesturing to the pies behind the bar. “Those