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Primary Concerns

Primary Concerns

By Jim Hartman The Legislature adjourned on the evening of June 1 after failing to act on a GOP-backed presidential primary bill (SB 421), thereby exasperating Republicans from Winnemucca to Washington, D.C. The worthy measure had the support of Republican National Chair Reince Priebus, Governor Brian Sandoval, and several 2016 presidential hopefuls. Its failure may


My Three Cents on Prevailing Wage Law

By Jim Hartman Prevailing wage law in Nevada was recently highlighted in the acrimonious debate and clear partisan divide over SB 119, a bill that excludes construction projects for school districts, charter schools, and the Nevada System of Higher Education from Nevada’s prevailing wage requirements. Sponsored by Republican Senators Becky Harris and Ben Kieckhefer, the


Stand Up for Gun Metaphors

By Jim Van Eldik   Like me, I’m sure you’re well aware of the many partisan volleys fired at gun metaphors by the media PC police in recent years. I don’t know about you, but without my well-stocked armory of gun metaphors, my supply of clichés has been reduced to near zero. Indeed, I fear

Capitol dome

Nevada Should Look to Laxalt, Reagan Legacies

BY JIM HARTMAN In his February State of the State speech, Governor Brian Sandoval unveiled an ambitious and historic $7.3 general fund biennial budget. Nevada’s chief executive called for significant new funding for Nevada’s education system, asking the Legislature to pass a tax package that would include $560 million in new revenue as well as