An annual subscription to Territorial Enterprise is $49.


Order Your Subscription Online. Be sure to include your ideal mailing address and your best phone number when checking out.

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  1. Sara Weber said:

    I am having difficulty with the registration process. I would like to pay the fee of
    $49, with a credit card, however, cannot find form to complete the information.

  2. Lynnda Cruz said:

    Will this include the first issue of March 2015? I had a hard time trying to find out where I could sign up for subscription. After several calls to he Reno area, a gentleman with whom I spoke put my email address out for you. I thank you and I thank Ron. I look forward to my first issue. Regards, Lynnda

  3. gregg townsley said:

    Well, good for you! Congratulations. And when you’re ready, would you forward me an advertising package. I write historical fiction, set in northern Nevada, in the 1880s…

  4. Mike Kelly said:

    Does the paper come in print? If I subscribe will it be mailed to me?

    • Admin said:

      Yes sir! It comes out as a monthly magazine and our print is mailed to subscribers. You can subscribe by going to the “Subscribe” tab above.

      Thank you!

  5. Lynnda Cruz said:

    I have sent an email to E. Thompson. I do not know to whom this message is addressed. Perhaps you may be able to help. I paid for a yearly subscription and received the first issue. NOTHING since that time even after many email exchanges with E. Thompson. I am requesting a refund as I am not interested in receiving past, outdated issues. Thank you. Lynnda Cruz